Virtual Law Office Integration

Legal Web Experts works very closely with the industry leaders in virtual law technology. Our strength lies in custom website design, and we are able to seamlessly integrate your website into your virtual law office. This makes it easy for your firm's clients and employees alike to access the digital legal information that they need.

With a Virtual Law Office, you will have the ability to track all of your clients from one place. No more paper mess and no more browsing between various sites and emails to find client info. You have the freedom to communicate with your clients from within the portal, see information about potential clients, schedule meetings, track time, and perform many other tasks. You can log in to your Virtual Law Office from anywhere in the world, and be assured that your communications are secure and accurate.

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VLO Integration Pricing

Featured:Legal Web Design: Law Firm SEOIf you build a custom site with Legal Web Experts, there is no additional cost to integrate a VLO. If you would like us to integrate a VLO with your current site, the cost is $199.

We can help you search through the providers of VLOs as well. It can be a confusing and time-consuming process, so talk to us and we'll help ease the process!

As many lawyers just begunning to practice are using a VLO, we are offering promotional pricing for new attorneys. We'll build you a basic site that is optimized for search engines at a price that cannot be beat by anyone in the industry. Give us a call to find out about this special offer!

How Virtual Law Offices Work

A Virtual Law Office is a way for attorneys to communicate securely with clients and exchange necessary information. Virtual Law Offices (VLOs) are a growing trend in the legal industry for a number of reasons. With a VLO, your firm can:

  • Communicate any necessary information 100% securely with a client.
  • Upload and Download documents.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • Sync your firm's calendars.
  • Sell documents to clients online.
  • Use a virtual receptionist service for administrative tasks.
  • Cut back on paper and supply costs.

And, quite possibly the best part of using this software is that you can run your practice from anywhere. A VLO gives you the option of working from anywhere, giving you freedom that traditional law offices never could. Consider a VLO service and reach your clients anytime, from anywhere!

Why We're the Best At It:

Our company works not only in the legal arena, but also the medical industry. Since 2003, we have been incorporating patient portals -- the medical equivalent of a VLO -- into many of our sites. We know the issues that sometimes arise and are able to quickly find solutions to them.

Medical Web Experts has also created there own Enterprise Patient Portal, so we know the technical aspects of portal systems, and which aspects are important in any type of portal integration. We will look at your needs and give you a recommendation on which VLO provider will best fit your needs.

With a legal website design from Legal Web Experts and a Virtual Law Office from a certified vendor, you will be ready to take charge of your firm's operations and bring in new clients!

Since we have connections with all the larger VLO providers, we can often work out a discount with them when you build a site with us. Speak with one of our reps today and ask how we can bring your practice up to speed with a VLO integration on your site!

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